Paul Pibernig

Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film

From 2016 ongoing, Paul Pibernig accompanies the Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film in Graz as a festival photographer:

“With his analog camera, Paul Pibernig moves against the rhythm of the festival, he lingers where others have long moved on, captures what is lost in the hustle and bustle, and in the documentary gaze, registers the poetry of the festival. His analog images are not mere commemorative vignettes of the most beautiful Diagonale moments, but instead, individual details that unlock anew with every viewing and as synopses, unfold to stories, along which one can move through the Diagonale once again after the concrete, the exceptional circumstance of the festival has long passed.” (Sebastian Höglinger/Peter Schernhuber, Festival Directors)

In 2017, the work of the first year at the festival became a book: Stills. It was also shown in a solo exhibition in Graz.